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  • Nina J

    Nina J

    Passionate advocate for female founders, technologists, and investors. Engineer by training. Ex VC @ Kleiner Perkins, Former Apple/Microsoft intern

  • Karan Pandya

    Karan Pandya

    WWDC 2017 Scholarship Recipient.  eater. Tech lover. Weight lifter. Currently Management Engineering @UWaterloo.

  • Steven Heidel

    Steven Heidel

    I develop software and develop people. stevenheidel.com

  • Adam Kabbeke

    Adam Kabbeke

  • Beth Locke

    Beth Locke

    Designer, dreamer & doer. Sold first startup in 2015.

  • Chinmay Raval

    Chinmay Raval

  • Ed Jernigan

    Ed Jernigan

  • Christine Yen

    Christine Yen

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